Saturday, April 23, 2011

A litter one update and our newest addition

We received some pics of Sophia Rose while we were in the midst of new litter pics. It's taken me awhile to get to posting these - as you can see from the snow! Hopefully that's finally over for now. I believe this is Brittany with Sophia Rose in the second picture.

Sophia Rose was our first litter little Red Girl. She was "Queen of the Chair" in this video.

And I can't resist giving you a couple pictures of our new granddaughter, Rose. In the first pic she's looking like her beautiful mother and handsome dad. In the second one, I think she favors her grandpa.

Or maybe she's just missing her grandpa!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More news on puppies

We've received a few more updates on our doodle puppies.

First, another picture of Ellie Rose. It seems like Madie is not the only one that is into shoes.

Patty reports, "Ellie is doing wonderful. One of her favorite outdoor activities is running around in the backyard. We throw the ball for her and she takes off like a race horse. Sometimes her long legs get ahead of her and she will roll in the grass to stop. Her favorite indoor sport is to grab a slipper or shoe and run. Whenever the opportunity strikes, she takes full advantage. She still loves to chew on laces, too. She's a lot of Fun! She always keeps us amused.

We got a report on Obe as well. Click here for some pics of Obe and Zeke. Sarah says " Obadiah has been the best lil guy ever. Whenever we have company, which is often, people are always amazed by his calmness. Our neighbor's dog (Iyla) and Obe are best friends. Also, he gets to see Zeke about 3 to 4 times a week and they always act as if they thought they would never see each other again. He gets the best compliments on our walks and I have had over 4 people ask if there were more puppies available. Like I said, people are always shocked by his good behavior especially because he is a puppy.
By the way, Obe weighs 22 pounds. He is such a chunk!"

Sounds like our Big Red Boy hasn't changed much!

Finally, I promised a link to a video of Penny.
Video 1 is Penny playing with her St. Bernard "big sister" Emma.
Video 2 is Penny and Emma with Baxter.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

And Even More Doodle Updates

Here's a series of pics of Obe and Zeke. They really love getting together. Kristen says you can hardly get a picture of one since they are pretty much always "one big ball of fluffy fur."

Obe with big sister Elizabeth.

Begging. I think there's going to be fight over the bone!

Below we have our first postings of Hayley (red girl) with Nicole. We need a fish like that for Rosie! She would love it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Puppy Updates

Penny (yellow girl) was the last puppy to join her new family and here she is greeting her new parents, Casey and Skottie. One and a half year old Baxter is also part of the family as is Emma, a two year old St. Bernard. Penny has lots of playmates!

Next is Rory. Rory (mango girl) was the first puppy selected (by Steve and Cathy) and recently got to meet some of her extended (people) family. Below, she is sacked out on Amanda and Cullen and trying to blend into the outdoor surroundings - probably so she can stay outside longer.

One more of Rory that needs explaining. After a long evening of games and family fun, Steve was feeling pretty tired and had to ask the rest of the family to remind him the name of the new puppy in the family. Son Nate quickly produced the sign on the refrigerator that you can see between Nate, Rory and Ashley.

Stay tuned. I've got more pics of Obe and Zeke, a pic of Hayley and another one of Ellie Rose.
AND, a link to a couple of videos of Penny and her new playmate Emma.

Friday, April 1, 2011

More puppy in their homes

We continue to post pictures sent in by our doodlesbyrosie families. It is so nice to see Rosie's little ones settling in so happily.

Here, we have Ellie Rose in Patty's arms,
flanked by her new best buddies Ryan and Matthew.

And Adrienne sent this one in of Madie
with the hope that her Mom's feet grow as fast as Madie is growing.
Apparently this is a favorite nap position.