Sunday, May 31, 2015

Indy's 1st Litter Puppies All Grown Up and Her 2nd Litter Is On The Way!

It is hard to believe that Indy's first litter of puppies are 7 months old now!  We are so excited to announce that Indy will be having another litter of puppies soon!  She was such a fantastic momma with the last litter and we can't wait to do it all again.  We've received some fun updates from her first litter. They are all grown up and are thriving with their families!

Colt (#1 from the first litter) has turned into quite the handsome boy and just became a big 'brother!' He is very protective of the family's sweet new addition.
Colt freshly groomed!
Best buddies
Colt cuddling to stay warm this winter
Colt snuggling with the new addition to his family
Sweet Rory
Rory's (#2 from the first litter) family has some very sweet thing to say!

"My husband and I purchased Rory in December of 2014. This sweet bundle of fur has been the perfect addition to our family! We live only a few blocks away from the Wittig family, so we were fortunate enough to watch our puppy grow the first few months of his life. Colleen and Cason were extremely flexible and allowed us to visit with Rory as often as we wanted. It was easy to see that his needs were being met (and exceeded) on a daily basis. This helped mold him into the lovable, friendly, trainable dog he is today.
I am allergic to most dog breeds, so we did a lot of research before deciding to purchase Rory. The golden-doodle breed has been wonderful! I have not had any allergic reactions to Rory due to his non-shedding coat. ☺

He looks like a teddy bear
 One of the many benefits of getting a dog with the Wittig family is that they have three young children. Due to this, Rory has been very well socialized. He is extremely patient, even tempered, and does extremely well around children. My husband and I are expecting a baby, and we know Rory will be a sweet, protective, and playful companion.
We would recommend a mini-goldendoodle to anyone. Rory has been a wonderful addition and brings a lot of life, laughter, and love into our family. "
One more of Rory

Otis (#3 from the first litter, not pictured) has joined a wonderful family with three little girls. It sounds like he has plenty of energy to keep up with them!

Abbey (#4 from the first litter) moved up north and gets to spend time with one of Rosie's puppies, Josie. She is such a little cutie! 
Little Abbey with her cousin, Josie

Check back soon for postings when Indy has her next round of puppies that are due any day now!

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