Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Chowtime video!

Time for a new video post. They aren't very interesting yet except at meal time (which is the only time other than nap time). With eyes opening up, we should be able to get play time soon. So here is another chow time video. Also a couple more pics.

Rosie is soooooo patient.

Colleen playing momma tiger to the puppies and babying Rosie a bit at the same time.

Piled on the warm waterbottle while the swimming pool bedding is getting changed.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eyes Are Opening

The puppies' eyes are starting to open and it is pretty crazy how much bigger they are getting! We weigh them every day, and most increase about 2 oz. per weigh-in... which doesn't seem like too much until you realize it is about 10% of their body weight! Because their eyes are opening up, they now whimper and whine when they see their mom across the pool. The still spend all their time sleeping and eating but we are excited for them to have their eyes opened to the world! It will be so much fun to watch them explore. This new sensory development has mainly just made things much noisier around the house as noises are waking them up and they can start seeing momma Rosie.

Here are a few more cute pictures from today. Enjoy!

Asleep in a robe pocket...
A piled-up afternoon nap with mom
One more pocket shot

A Ramsay daughter and son-in-law live in the Chicago suburbs, so in addition to Northeast Ohio, these puppies are also available for sale and delivery in the Chicagoland area. They will be ready to go home to their families in mid-March. For more information or to declare your interest, you can email or call (330) 264-5886.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting Bigger

As you might imagine, the puppies are growing up fast and getting bigger. When we first weighed them the day after they were born, only one was heavier than a pound. However, at the weigh-in yesterday, most were over two pounds... double their weight five days! Their eyes are getting close to opening, they are much more mobile, it seems like they are staring to hear, and they are getting louder and more demanding.

Yesterday we painted the back toenails on each of the puppies so we can identify them and keep track of their individual weights. It is fun calling them "red boy," "aqua girl," etc. Soon we'll put up pictures so you can track your favorites by color. Here's a few more photos... enjoy!:

One of these things is not like the other one...
Asleep at the table... with her tongue sticking out
Cuddling with mom

Thanks for checking out the blog!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chow time video

This is the follow up video to the one below... the big puppies are serious about getting something to eat! Fierce competition for prime spots is the main reason we've been splitting them up to eat some. It usually means that some are eating while the others are sleeping - in this video there is a little guy curled up around Momma Rosie's face. Make sure you turn the volume up so you can hear their cute little squeaks!

One more picture of Colleen's little friend sleeping the afternoon away - what a great life they have!

Puppy shift switch

Like I mentioned in the last post, a few times a day we've been splitting up the puppies in order to ensure that everyone is getting enough to eat. The puppies that are out of the pool get to nap in a box with hot water bottles, and the warmth puts them to sleep almost instantly. This video was taken as we put the larger puppies back into pool after the littler ones had eaten their fill. Needless to say, the bigger puppies were quite excited to be back eating again!

Puppy Update

The puppies are doing well and about half of them weigh more than a pound now. They are still just eating and sleeping all day, but they have gotten a bit more coordinated. Rosie is still pretty protective of them, but is relaxing a bit more when we take some of them out of the pool. Even though the difference between the largest and the smallest is only a few ounces, a few times a day we've been splitting them into groups to to make sure the little ones are getting enough to eat.

Here's a few pictures from today... as always, click on the photo to see a larger version.

Precious little girl in Colleen's hands
They love to cuddle when they are sleepy!
Colleen with her new best friend

If you are interested in a puppy, you can register your interest by emailing, since quite a few families have already let us know that they might want one. Thanks for checking out the blog!

Monday, January 17, 2011

More photos from day 2

Ten puppies in a row


Sleeping Doodles as far as the eye can see... that can't be comfortable for some of them on the bottom of the pile!

For links to info and pictures of Rosie's first litter of Doodles, click here. To contact us about purchasing, see this post or this ad.

One day old

Cuddled up on the hot water bottles while mom eats and we clean their "pool." Do you see all 10?

Their is plenty of competition for the prime eating spots... I always feel bad for the ones on the bottom row!

All that eating and sleeping sure makes you sleepy...

Typical scene from the pool... watchful Momma Rosie, some puppies sleeping, and most of them eating.

I'll put up more pictures later, so be sure to check back soon!

Also, I couldn't get the videos to load properly yesterday, but there are two or three cute ones in the posts below.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


While more puppies were being born, cleaned up by their momma, and eating for the first time, we put the first three in a box with towels and a hot water bottles. They were clumsy, but so cute as they climbed all over each other trying to get the best spots!

Apparently, ten is enough

Looks like ten is going to be the number of puppies. They are all doing well, eating and sleeping in shifts, since having all ten trying to nurse is a bit overwhelming. Momma Rosie is exhausted, and has even nodded to sleep a few times as her puppies fight over the prime eating spots.

How many puppies do you see? These ones are giving mom a break by sleeping with hot water bottles while their siblings get some nourishment.
Mama Rosie with some of her brood

Check back later for more pictures and hopefully some videos...

Ten puppies!

Number ten has entered the world, and it is finally another boy! The count is now seven girls and three boys.

It looks like that could be all, but we don’t know if she will have any more or not. Colleen is hoping for at least one additional, but we'll have to see.

Here's some pictures of the puppies napping. Notice that the puppies are curled up around Colleen's feet... or is it Colleen's feet curled up around the puppies?

Video of Number 8

Poor little number eight... she's not very good at finding a place to latch on, and she's constantly fussing, squeaking and whimpering. It's a little sad, but so cute! Not too long after this video was taken, she finally found a good spot and started to eat... but that didn't stop her from continuing to fuss and make noise - looks like we've got a whiner!

Number Nine

Number nine is a girl as well... that's six females in a row!

With Rosie's first litter, the vet counted six puppies on the ultrasound and she ended up having ten. This time they counted seven, but she's had nine so far... how many more do you think she will have?

Number Eight

Number eight is a girl as well... so far that is girl, boy, boy, then 5 girls in a row. She seems to be lighter than all of the others, but we'll have to see after she dries off.

Here is numbers 4 through 7 getting a snack before number 8 came on the scene to add to the crowd.
Numbers 1 through 3 are relaxing in a box on top of a hot water bottle. Seems like they are sleeping quite a bit, but they wake up and start whimpering whenever they hear their momma. But it is just too crowded for everyone to be eating right now!

Another girl

Number seven is also a girl... and she came out like a rocket! Must've heard about the good food and come in a hurry.

She is eating, alongside numbers 4 through 6. The first three have been moved to the hot water bottle to make way for the newcomers. Little boy number three is darker and bigger than the first two.

Number eight is on the way...

Number six is a girl

They are coming thick and fast now... number six, a girl, is now eating, and number seven is on the way.

Here's a picture of one of the first two, who are now lounging on a hot water bottle.

So far it is girl, boy, boy, girl, girl, girl... and counting.

It's a girl!

Number five is already here as well... that's three puppies in 15 minutes!

Number three and four in quick succession

Over an hour and a half wait after puppy #2, numbers three and four came about 10 minutes apart. Little boy number three is quite adept at eating, and has latched on without letting go for quite a while. The fourth is Colleen's new favorite, since she came bursting onto the scene in style with a backflip.

For those of your keeping score at home, the birth order thus far is girl, boy, boy, girl.

Seems like number five is on his/her way soon... we'll let you know.

Puppies dancing?... or wrestling?

After the first two puppies nursed for a bit, Rosie had to get up for a bathroom break. While she was gone, the puppies found each other and tried to nurse... or maybe dance... or possibly it was wrestling. Whatever it was, it was cute and hilarious... check it out.

Still no more puppies yet. We've thought a few times that the next one was coming soon, but nothing yet. We'll put out an update as soon as #3 decides to make an appearance.

Here's a photo we snapped of #1 while Rosie was out... so cute!

Number two

Puppy number two is out now, and Rosie seems to have settled back into the birthing routine. The two puppies are eating and more should be coming soon.

They're Here!

Puppy #1 has finally decided to leave the comfort of the womb to join the real world. Rosie is busy trying to clean it. Hopefully the others will be coming out soon. Watch this space for more updates. : )

Still in labor at 7:30 a.m.

A long night but no puppies yet. I don't think Rosie slept at all. Colleen and Cason did the first shift and I (John) did the second shift so we each got about a 1/2 night's sleep. Eileen is taking over for now. Maybe I can catch ... zzzzzz

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's time! (we think..)

Rosie getting some comfort from Colleen

Rosie is in labor! She is quite big, as you can see from the pictures, and we think she is having contractions. Hopefully we'll have some puppies sometime overnight!

Check back soon for more info. We'll try to keep this updated with news and photos... looks like it is going to be a late nighter for those of us staying up with her!

Ready to be a mom again!

Rosie's First Litter

Litter number two is coming soon... here are some links to posts about the first litter that was born in August 2009. Hopefully these will help you know what the second litter will look like as they grow up (except their color should be more red/apricot since their father, Stryker, is darker).

Rumsey (fancy collar boy) - Rumsay all grown up, With Aiden, Rumsey at ~3 months, Rumsey's family comes to visit, Climbing Monkey

Murphy (light blue collar boy) - Update, Murphy goes home

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rumsey and Kaya

More pictures of our first litter. They are almost 1 1/2 years old now.

These three shots are of Rumsey (Fancy collar boy). The report is that he is just under 60 lbs now and "half of this is hair." He and Aidan are great companions. "They wrestle and rough house and Rumsey is a gentle, tolerant, giant through it all."

And some shots below of Kaya (originally Abby). Bridgette and Blair say "She is quite the talker every day when we get home and a cuddler at heart." Lots of reports of cuddlers among this first litter. We'll give Rosie credit for that!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Very pregnant Rosie! And pics of Maeve.

I had to post this shot of Rosie. We've begun taking temperatures but she's not quite acting like a wounded hippo yet so it's probably another week to go.

And we continue to get updates on the first litter. Here are some of Maeve (pink collar girl). Elizabeth says she is "a little love bug", loves to cuddle in bed. Like her mom, she enjoys the snow.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Update on Sophie Rose

We just received pics from Julie. This is Sophie (Dark Blue Collar Girl)

We particularly like the one with the duck. Rosie absolutely loves it when we get her a duck. She treats it like her own puppy for several weeks and then she can't resist making it a chew toy and it doesn't last too long after that.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New pics of Josie

Here are some recent pics of Josie. She looks quite at home in the snow! I'm not sure about the reindeer antlers, though.

What a cute face! Josie was our little Light Blue Collar girl.