Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Updates on Madie, Ellie, Zeke, and Obe

We've been meaning to post some updates that we've received from some of the owners. Thanks so much to them for sending us pictures and videos!

"Hey Ramsays!! Its Adrienne! here is a new picture of Madie (pink girl)!! She takes her daily naps in this same spot everyday and we think it is just hilarious!! My dad always jokes that my mom is going to need to get bigger feet because soon Madie's nose isn't going to fit in her shoe anymore! HaHa :) we hope rosie is doing well! :)"

"Madie wants to make sure she doesn't miss any water or meals so she'll lay with her head in her bowl. Takes after the kids in the family..."

"Here is Madie by her favorite chair. She no longer puts her nose in shoes while she sleeps but she now has to be touching or wrapped around the chair. We had a whole bunch of people over last night and we brought her out towards the end of the evening. She was the perfect, well behaved lady. She is now studying for her puppy classes and is at the head of the class."


Here's a greeting from Ellie (black girl) and family:

"HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Mama Rosie and Grandma Ramsay!!

Love, Ellie

Our Spring flower trees are in full bloom. Thinking it would be a sweet Mother's Day picture to send, I broke off a small branch to try and put it in a picture with Ellie. In no time at all, she snatched up the branch in her mouth and started running, flower petals falling, leaving a pink trail behind her. Oh well,so much for that idea."


Here's a letter from Zeke's (aqua boy) family about how smart he is:

"Zeke now does roll over, high five with both paws (almost like patty cake), laydown, relax (Laying down on his side with head down), sit, speak, and is learning the names of his toys. He knows “Frog” and “Dragon” and defiantly knows “Chew Stick” and “Kong”. I know he knows his name, but acts like he doesn’t and comes when you call anyone else’s name. The other day he was playing with our neighbor’s dog, Rocky (Border Collie mix). Zeke started to venture too far, so we called “Rocky! Come here Rocky!” Zeke turned and ran towards us as fast as he could. He is soo silly!!"

Here's Zeke trying to get Sassy, the family cat, to play with him:

We love this video!... Zeke was so excited when his daddy came home:

Zeke howling at his squeaky toy:

If you enjoyed those videos, here's a link to his family's Youtube feed, and there's lots of cute videos! If you go to the link, click "See All" on the right.

Here's more on how great Zeke is:

"Everyone we meet fall in love with Zeke and want to know if there will be more litters. I direct everyone to Rosie’s blog and tell them that your contact information can be found there. Zeke makes friends where ever we go. Last Saturday, we were at PetSmart replacing “floppy ball”. We took Obe and Zeke with us. They were soo well behaved, and everyone was complimenting us on how beautiful and well behaved they were…even the trainers! At one point, Zeke decided he was tired, and just laid down on the floor to take a nap…in the middle of the aisle. He is just the sweetest thing and every night I thank God for leading us to you and to him. We love him tremendously. It’s hard to think back on our lives without him!"

Here's some photos of Zeke (aqua boy), a few of which also feature big brother and best friend, Obe (red boy).

Click here to view these pictures larger

We've got updates from others, so we'll try to post those soon!