Sunday, October 26, 2014

Why we're breeding our dog

Since the concept of dog breeding upsets some people, often justifiably, we feel the need to give this disclaimer: 

We don't run a kennel or puppy mill of any kind. Indy is very much our family pet who sleeps on our feet at the end of our bed every night, and whose puppies will grow up in our living room along with our own children. The puppies will be extremely well socialized, and we plan on starting basic training with them as soon as we are able. Colleen helped with the delivery and care of Rosie's and Molly's puppies, and had so much fun that she wanted to do it with our dog, Indy, as well. 

We are big supporters of the humane societies (we volunteer to keep foster kittens for our local one), and are totally on board with the adopting dogs movement. We hope to someday move to a house on a bigger lot, so we can responsibly adopt/rescue a large breed dog. 

However, there is a place for well-bred and cared for family dogs, specifically for families who need more certainty about temperament, allergies, etc. than an adoptive dog can provide. Goldendoodles are fantastic family pets; we honestly cannot imagine our family without Indy, especially since she is so perfect for our household of 3 children under 2.5 years old. These puppies won't be for all families or situations, but they will be irreplaceable additions to the families that they do join. 

Click here to read more about our wonderful dog, Indy. 


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