Sunday, November 22, 2009


We received an email from Julie giving us an update on Sophie (dark blue collar girl).
A pic and a video of Sophie on the day she went to her new home.
Another pic of Sophie from her early puppy days.

Julie says that Sophie is a wonderful dog (of course we all already knew that) and that she is almost completely potty trained (that's new news and good news!). She loves ice cubes (takes after her mother on that one), mini carrots and playing with Ginger, her golden retriever new older sister. The picture below was taken a month or so ago, soon after Sophie went to her new home.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Update on Tucker

We have heard from two more of our puppy families though we don't have pictures yet. If you click on the links below the text it will link to a page with pictures from their days with us. Here's the scoop on Tucker, the little brown boy with the red collar/toenail:

"Tucker is doing awesome," according to Laurie. Potty training is nearly complete and except for his love of Kleenex's from the trash and dirty socks from the laundry, he's becoming the perfect little gentleman. He loves to attend ballgames of all types and has visited Jenna and Drew's classrooms. Sounds like he has quite a busy schedule!
Tucker goes to his home!
Third picture is Tucker and Drew.
Puppies and kids
Puppy Serenade
Tucker is the singer in the second video

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Our update from John and Stacey sounds like Rumsey has taken to his new home quite easily and gets along well with his two feline housemates. Though some of his siblings reportedly are still struggling with the leash thing, Rumsey looks quite content in this first picture with his leash. However, the second picture looks like he's not so sure.

Here he is with his favorite companion, Aidan.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sophia Rose

Today's posting is dedicated to Sophia Rose (Red collar girl) We received these three pics this week and I simply couldn't choose one or two to post. So you get all three.

Quick reminder: Sophia Rose was "Queen of the Hill" in the camping chair video. The word from her family is that she is still very feisty!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Maeve in a tutu!

We have our first picture of one of the puppies wearing clothing. Maeve (pink collar) was a ballerina for Halloween and loved wearing her tutu. Apparently she wanted to sleep in it that night. Given that she had pink toenails at 2 weeks and a pink collar at 4 weeks, it shouldn't be a surprise that she liked the pink tutu.

As is the case with her siblings, Maeve is still working at learning to be on a leash. Sounds like she's quite lovable and Elizabeth says the curls make her look like she has a bad case of bed head.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Puppies are Growing!

We have recently received updates from a few of our doodle puppy families. We'll post some info up, one at a time over the coming days so check back for more.

Josie (Light blue collar girl) is really getting her curls. Kim says she is halfway through her positive puppy training course and it sounds like she's on track to graduate.

She particularly enjoys helping Corinne study(below left) and loves when Kelly is home from college, though it doesn't look to me like much studying is getting done. She is working at become friends with the family cat, Beanie(below right). We must forgive Beanie's shocking glare. She has just come home from tooth surgery.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Final regular post

John and Rosie are a bit depressed with the empty kennel until they realized that this meant some one-on-one for Rosie and her man.

This is the final regular posting. It's been quite a ride since Michelle started posting the results of taking Rosie's temperature on July 29. The first post was "Rosie is about to have puppies!" We've ended with Sam, Rumsey, Tucker, Murphy, Sophie, Sophia Rose, Josie, Abby and Maeve all in wonderful homes.

We will continue to post as we get updates from our nine families but I expect those will be every couple of weeks at best. So those of you who have been on this blog every day (or even multiple times a day, I hear) you won't find much new. But all the postings are still up so you can browse through for your favorites anytime.

Thanks to everyone who has joined us on this adventure. We plan to do it again in the spring so check on us periodically for the occasional new postings and for news on a second litter.

Here are links to some highlight postings for those of you who may have missed the early ones and for those of you that want a trip down memory lane.

We're all ready!
Puppy #1 (Sophie)
Puppy #9 (surprise puppy #2)
A pile of puppies
Puppy geometry
First trip outside (
More puppy videos (featuring Tucker's serenade video)
Puppy serenade (my favorite picture of all of them)
Puppy photo shoot
First solid food
Full litter pic
Monkey doodle (That's Rumsey)
Queen of the hill (staring Sophia Rose)
Ring around the swimming pool
Last two families (Maeve and Abby)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our last two families

Our last two puppies, Maeve and Abby, are now with their families.

First to be picked up was Maeve. She had a nice nap on her trip home and is happily settled with Elizabeth and Matt.

The last to leave the nest is Abby, our fancy collar/orange toenail little girl. She was very excited to join Challi, baby Logan, Ariel, Jared and Alora last evening. Ariel and Alora are at least as excited as Abby! Logan slept through the whole thing!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Final play time with Rosie

Our time with puppies is fast coming to a close. We got these two clips of Rosie playing with the two that were still with us on Saturday. Maeve (love that Irish name!), formerly known as the little pink collar girl, and fancy collar girl will be with their new families by the time I post again.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sophia Rose Heads to Her New Home

Brittany, Amy, Amanda and Rebecca have now taken Sophia Rose home. The report from this morning was an excellent first night and it sounds like a soon-to-be-spoiled puppy! The girls are all smiles with little Sophie in this first pic. (It looks like Ron is now outnumbered 5 to 1!)

In the other pics, Sophie is sporting her new collar as she comfortable settles in.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pink Collar Girl Has A Home!

Our little pink collar girl has a family to join! She turned on the cuteness for Elizabeth and Matt when they visited and the match was made. She and her two sisters have a couple more days together before heading to their new homes over the weekend.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Couple of Doodle Videos

Just three little girl doodles here now. It is certainly better than TV to sit and watch them play. It's hard to get the funniest antics on video. We'll keep trying. In the meantime, here are a couple of videos that give you an idea of what they look like now. The first video is just a short one of little fancy collar (chased away by little red collar). By the way, little red collar is Sophia Rose. The second is Sophia Rose with Rosie. She is joined first by fancy collar, then by Tucker.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tucker goes to his home!

Tucker (red collar little boy), our famous singer, got a nice bath before Laurie and Jenna showed up to take him to his new home. Tucker was quite pleased to see his family again and should be happily adjusting by now.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Pink Girl

Any of you that are looking for a doodle, please don't think this little girl is a "leftover." You can ask any of the other families that chose a puppy and they will tell you how much alike they all are. Our pink girl is now beginning to show the doodle curls and has a lot of spice. She knows right away when we are picking them up to take them inside (as opposed to cuddling them) and moves right to the back of the pile. She loves to play and looks irresistibly cute when she sits and gives the "please pick me up" look. Here are a couple of photos from yesterday.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pink Collar Girl

Our little pink collar girl is now the only one in need of a family. Fortunately a couple of her sisters and one brother are still around to keep her company. Rosie is also anxious to play with her.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Another doodle goes home.

A pic and a video of Sophie (dark blue collar) with her new "mom", Julie and a final video of Sophie being cute just before she left. As I post this, Sophie is sleeping under Julie's chair after an excellent first night with her new family.

And while I'm at it I'll post this cute one of Tucker with his soon to be playmate Drew.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ring Around the Swimming Pool

Amazingly we have not had to move inside for daytime puppy activity until this weekend. The rain had stayed away from meal and play times until Friday and Saturday. We moved the swimming pool (that's their portable, easy-to-clean dining hall) into the almost completed garage. The doodles loved having the run of this space, though mostly they just ran around the pool.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Two more visits.

Visits from two more families today brought about more changes to our shrinking family of doodles.

Carly, Mackenzie and Camryn came by to take their little boy home. This little guy is the black toenail/light blue collar boy.

Our little dark blue collar beauty has been chosen by Julie and her husband. Julie and her mother, Alice stopped by this afternoon and it was love at first sight. They will return to take her home soon.

Playing with Mama again

Puppy time with their mama is still pretty limited. As you can see in this video, the puppies still can't get it out of their heads that Rosie is no longer a food source. In fact, large dog in general must trigger a reaction since we've heard from Sam's new owners that he tried to nurse their three year old male doodle Grady. Anyway, this is generally what play time with Rosie looks like.

The puppies in this video are the light blue collar boy and the dark blue collar girl. They are 7 weeks old in this shot.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

King (actually Queen) of the Hill

One of the puppies has finally conquered "the Chair." The Chair is a camping chair that we use to sit with the doodles in their outside kennel. It is also a favorite shade source for early morning, mid morning, late morning, early afternoon, mid afternoon, late afternoon and evening naps. Ever since we have had them outside they have been trying to get into the Chair. Little red collar girl succeeded yesterday. I actually caught it on video! The second video shows her defending her new turf. This is now a regular event. I always know she is up there when it gets really loud outside.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Puppies new families

Here is a posting of puppies and their families from this past weekend.

Our little red collar girl got a visit from Amy, Rebecca, Amanda and Ron. Daughter Brittany was not able to make this trip. They'll be back before long to take their little doodle home.

Rumsey QT McClumpy (fancy collar boy - the "monkey") is now residing with his family, John, Aidan and Stacey. Reports are that he has adjusted very quickly and is already learning how to sit. I should try to figure out how they managed that and try it on the rest of them!

This is Sam. Formerly our mauve toenailed boy. He is now at his new home with Mary Beth, Dave, Max, Jack and Grady (their three year old doodle). Sam loves getting into Grady's stuff and is definitely enjoying all the play time with Max and Jack.

Monday, September 21, 2009

We need homes for two more puppies!

Two of our little girl puppies still need homes. Let your friends and neighbors know! They are so very cute. Pink collar girl is on the left (see a video of her here ). Dark blue collar girl is on the right (go here to see a close up of this beautiful doodle).

Puppies and kids

Laurie, Kelsey, Jenna and Drew paid a visit to "Tucker" today. Tucker is their little brown boy puppy with the red collar (singing video and serenade picture fame). They'll be back in a couple of weeks to take Tucker home with them. The picture and videos posted here are from today's visit. God may have created all the animals for Adam and Eve but I think He had their kids in mind when He created puppies!

Kelsey Laurie

Drew Tucker and Jenna

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Monkey Doodle

This is the doodle puppy that we have nicknamed "monkey." He is our little fancy collar, orange toenail boy. John has had quite a battle figuring out how to keep this little booger from escaping past whatever barrier is used.

In this picture you can see him climbing the kennel like a ladder. He'll get high enough to get his head over the top of the board, then his front feet and finally, with a little frantic scrambling, over the top he comes. This poster board in the corner gave him trouble until he recruited his brothers and sisters to help him eat the poster board. Hmm. Not sure what I'll try next.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The last full litter picture

This is our last photo of the whole puppy family. We've had our first one join her family. "Josie" (Light Blue Collar/Black toenail girl - Josie sounds so much better!) has now moved in with Kim, Kelly and Corinne. We are waiting for word on how she has settled in.

Josie is the puppy on the far right. She's a little lighter than her Light Blue Collar twin boy sitting next to her.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Playing with Rosie

Rosie is reaquainting herself with the puppies after some separation for weaning purposes. The puppies are trying to figure out this new role. They keep forgetting and diving in for a snack. Rosie will have nothing to do with that and quickly shifts into play position. I've got a shot of each puppy with Rosie. Even though you can't see the pup very well in some of them, the pics give the general feeling of a fun afternoon.

Be sure to click on the pics to get a better view.

Red Collar Girl

Pink Collar Girl

Red Collar Boy
(Laurie, Gregg, Kelsey, Jenna and Drew)

Pink Collar Boy
(Mary Beth, Dave, Max and Jack)

Light Blue Collar Girl (Black toenail)
(Now living with Kim, Kelly and Corinne!)

Fancy Collar Girl (Orange toenail)
(Jared and Challi)

Light Blue Collar Boy (Black toenail)
(Kelly, David, Mackenzie, Carly and Camryn)

Fancy Collar Boy (Orange toenail)
(Stacey, John and Aidan)

Dark Blue Collar Girl

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The water bowl

This is a typical watering time for the puppies. They almost always all decide at the same time that they need a drink of water. It's pretty entertaining. If you listen very carefully you can hear the lapping. (Sorry for the weird clicking that our camera does.)

Identification note

Some of you have wondered how we are identifying puppies.

We began by painting a couple of toenails on the back feet. We had red, orange, pink and black for boys and for girls. The fifth girl had no painted toenails at all. (She was very jealous until we told her that this made her special.)

Last weekend, we decided they were big enough to wear collars so we purchased nine little cat collars that have the safety buckles that pop off if there is a tug on the collar. (This protects them from getting caught and choking - of course it also pops off if another puppy pulls too hard on it, but that has only happened a few times.) Because of the pop off collars, we are still painting toenails.

The red toenailed little boy and girl have red collars.
The pink toenailed little boy and girl have pink collars. (we're saying mauve, for the boy's sake)
The black toenailed little boy and girl have light blue collars.
The orange toenailed little boy and girl have "fancy" (multicolored) collars.
The no toenail polish little girl is still special with a dark blue collar.

Now those of you that chose puppies during the toenail stage will know who we are referring to when we mention collar colors.

The curls are coming!

We are beginning to see the doodle curls in the puppies. It is especially in the cream colored ones. This is the little light blue collared girl that will be joining Kim, Kelly and Corinne's family.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two more puppies placed in homes!

Two of our little girl puppies now have homes waiting for them.

Our little orange toenailed, fancy collared little girl's new family is Challi (holding the puppy) and her husband Jared.

Lively little light blue collar, black toenail girl will be moving in with Kelly, Kim and Corinne.