Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Puppies with their families

All of the puppies are now with their new families and we have pictures. Here are a few of them:

Zeke (aqua boy) with Kristen, ...

and sleeping on the little blanket he brought from our house.

This is Penny (yellow girl) with her new playmate Emma.
They both obviously wore themselves out tugging.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A New Rose in the Family!

The blog has been quiet, not only because all of our puppies are now with their new families, we have been welcoming a new granddaughter into the world. Brian and his wife Michelle are proud parents of little Rose May! Eileen and I got to spend a week in Florida with Rose (and Brian and Michelle, of course).

Some of our longtime doodlesbyrosie followers may remember that it was Michelle who created this blog with the countdown to Rosie's first litter of puppies!

We have quite a few pictures of puppies to post so feel free to stop back and visit our site. We will keep it pretty active posting updates of the puppies and their families over the next few weeks.

Monday, March 14, 2011

All the puppies are sold!

After a wild weekend of inquiries, all of our puppies are sold! We're also down to three puppies left at the Ramsay house and it seems a little lonely in the puppy pen! Honey (aqua girl) goes home to Nashville tomorrow, purple girl goes home Wednesday, and yellow girl will meet her new family in Chicago this weekend. It is amazing how fast the remaining puppies went, but we are so happy that they are going to good homes. If you got one of Rosie's ten puppies, please send us updates and pictures!

Black boy went home this weekend with a wonderful family... they drove all the way from the Chicago area just to get their special boy! He was one of our favorites, so we are glad that he is going to have such an exciting life with three "siblings" under 7 years old. We already have reports that he was an angel on the ride home and helped jump start the kids this morning! The first two pictures below are black boy with his new family.

Zack, Mallory, and Molly with their new puppy!
Cute kids + cute puppy

Here's yellow girl, who is going to Illinois this weekend. She usually doesn't hold still for very long, so we're glad we got this cute shot!
Honey (aqua girl) who goes home to Natalie and Dewey tomorrow! Isn't she precious?

All of the puppies got or are getting some last playtime in with Momma Rosie
Cuddling up
Honey, black boy, purple girl, and yellow girl crashed out on the kitchen floor

Thanks so much to all of you who followed this blog, whether you ended up with a puppy or not. We've had so much fun helping to raise them and meeting so many great people along the way! We'll continue to post updates on different puppies as we get them from families, so be sure to check back from time to time.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Playing in the snow / Going home to families

It has been a big week in puppyland with most puppies going to their homes. After next Tuesday, when Honey (aqua girl) goes to her family in Nashville, we'll only have three puppies remaining! The puppies that still need homes are black boy, yellow girl, and purple girl. A few families have expressed interest, but none of them are claimed yet, so please let us know if you want to give one of these cuties a home!

While we aren't too excited about continued snowfall in Ohio, the puppies love it, and it definitely keeps them cleaner than running in the mud. Below are lots of pictures of the puppies playing in the big snow we got on Friday, as well as a few of the ones who went to their new families this week.

Again, the unclaimed puppies are purple girl, black boy, and yellow girl...

Black boy playing in the snow with Rosie

Rosie playing with purple girl
Honey (aqua girl) on white

Rosie loves how energetic and playful the puppies are getting.

Black boy (on the left) and yellow girl running in the snow

Black boy

Black boy again

Yellow girl charging towards the camera... she loves to run and has lots of spunk. Of all the puppies she is definitely the most athletic and intelligent!

All four remaining puppies charging after Rosie

Honey (aqua girl)

Yellow girl playing with MommaRosie

All four puppies (purple girl, black boy, aqua girl, and yellow girl) crashed out in Colleen's lap after playing in the snow... black boy is looking at the camera

Honey (aqua girl) loves to cuddle... she'll get lots of opportunities for that when she goes home on Tuesday!

Here's a few of puppies that went to their homes this week:

Ezekiel (aqua boy) waiting to be picked up

One last picture of Obadiah (red boy) and Ezekiel (aqua boy) before they go home

Rory (mango girl) wouldn't look at the camera for her goodbye picture, but Steve and Cathy report that she has been wonderful, playful and has adjusted quickly!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Madie is settled in

It took very little time for Madie (pink girl) to find a nice place to snooze.
And she has her new best friend Adrienne to join her!

And then there were six!

This past weekend three of the puppies- Haley (red girl), Madie (pink girl) and Ellie Rose(black girl), went to their homes. Rory (Mango girl) went to her new home tonight! We've heard from all of the families and the puppies are adjusting beautifully to their families.

We got some final photos of all ten puppies together.

We tried to get a nice little row but not all of the puppies wanted to cooperate

Finally we gave in and just held them all.
The puppies were sad to see their sisters go.
Cason saying bye to black girl
Colleen getting a final kiss from red girl

Here are some final shots of all ten puppies sleeping in their pen in the garage... they love to play hard and then crash!

So we are down to six puppies at the Ramsay household, with more puppies to go to homes in the next week. We'll only have three puppies by this time next week! Here's a video of the remaining seven puppies playing with Rosie in the yard... they all love to chase her around!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pink Girl (Madie) goes home!

Our first puppy to move in with her new family is Pink girl. Madie has moved in with Terri, Adrienne (what a great name to give your daughter!), Eric and Jonah (not pictured).

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Videos of puppies that will be going to their families soon!

The six puppies featured in these videos all have families waiting for them and will begin going home with them starting this weekend!

Rory, purple girl, aqua girl, and black girl, all in Colleen's lap. Black girl is happily chewing on Colleen's hoodie strings!

Black girl playing with the blue ball... she goes off screen, but come back at the end. Aqua girl is the one who runs up to Colleen first, and she is still available and in need of a family!

One last video of black girl being cute... she's going home to the Chicagoland area on Sunday!

Pink girl proudly running around with the blue ball, with Ezikeil (aqua boy) joining her at the end

Pink girl running all over the place... we're so glad she has a family to go home with in a few weeks!

Red girl and red boy (Obadiah) playfully fighting for the coveted jingly bell toy. Red girl won in a big upset... usually it is Obadiah who throws his weight around to get the toys he wants!

Red girl giving kisses... or pushing on Colleen's face. Maybe a little of both.

Rory (mango girl) attacks the jingly bell toy

Check out the post below to see videos featuring the four puppies that are still available... thanks so much for visiting the blog!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Videos of puppies that need homes

Aqua girl looking adorably curious. Let us know if you want to give this sweet girl a home!

Purple girl playing with the jingly toy. She loves to be with people!

Here is another one of purple girl being sweet and licking my hand.

Yellow girl playing with the blue ball. She's joined by aqua boy (Ezekiel), and when they both sit on the floor mat, yellow girl is on the left. She's such a sweet one!

This video is of black boy playing with Colleen's feet. Red boy (Obadiah) comes over to join, and they play tug-of-war for the jingly toy... with black boy coming out the victor! Black boy is so sweet - when we correct him for playing too roughly, he acts so sheepish and sad that we always want to go pick him up to cuddle. Colleen calls him the sensitive soul of the group.

This is another one of black boy, this time playing with the blue ball... he really loves it!

All four puppies featured on this post - aqua girl, purple girl, yellow girl, and black boy - are still looking for homes. Please let us know if you are interested!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Videos of playtime

We got all of the puppies out in the kitchen for a while today and it was so much fun. They were all fighting, playing, and generally running all over the place. They love to play with each other, and especially to battle it out over their favorite toys.

Unfortunately, because it was so chaotic, it was hard to identify the puppies as we took videos. Black boy, aqua girl, yellow girl, and purple girl are the puppies that are still available... you can look back at older posts to see pictures and information about them.

Fighting over the rope toy... the winner tries to make a dash for it, but another puppy gives chase. That is pretty much what happened over and over the whole time they were inside.

Battle royale over the jingly bell ring... that toy is definitely the favorite and most sought after

Rory batting around a mini tennis ball to herself

I caught yellow girl chewing on the pink ball for a second, but she quickly decided that checking out the camera was more exciting

General chaos

Hope you enjoyed the videos! Check back soon for more pictures and videos.

Pink girl's family & potty time videos

Pink girl has a family! Here's a picture of them all together. She'll be going home with them in a few weeks... she's going to have such a great life, including getting to have a Maltese sister named Snowball.

6AM! Duty calls! Sorry this video is dark, but we tried to get one of all of the puppies running outside to do their business first thing in the morning. The all come running out of the garage and immediately squat all over the yard. It's good that they've got the system down!

Here's another potty time video from the afternoon... same thundering herd, but this time most of them went careening into Colleen (the camerawoman) instead of doing their business right away.

Thanks for checking the blog! We'll post more videos later.

Remember yellow girl, black boy, purple girl, and aqua girl are all still available. They are all so sweet!