Friday, August 14, 2015

One Puppy Left

Four of the five puppies are with their families and doing wonderfully, so there's just one sweet girl left at our house. She is having lots of fun playing with her mom and with our three kids who adore her. From the beginning, she has had one of the sweetest personalities, and she has always been Cason's favorite because she'd just come curl up in his lap while the others were rough-housing. 

There has been some interest in her, but nothing concrete yet, so please let us know soon if you are interested or have any questions. You can email or call/text Colleen at 859.209.0261. We really want her in a permanent home relatively soon, so there may be some wiggle room on the usual price. 

The last girl 
Play hide-n-seek with me?
She has auburn-tinted cream fur with slightly darker ears
Sweet face
Still getting lots of cuddle time with her mom
Lots of perks to being the last puppy!