Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Final regular post

John and Rosie are a bit depressed with the empty kennel until they realized that this meant some one-on-one for Rosie and her man.

This is the final regular posting. It's been quite a ride since Michelle started posting the results of taking Rosie's temperature on July 29. The first post was "Rosie is about to have puppies!" We've ended with Sam, Rumsey, Tucker, Murphy, Sophie, Sophia Rose, Josie, Abby and Maeve all in wonderful homes.

We will continue to post as we get updates from our nine families but I expect those will be every couple of weeks at best. So those of you who have been on this blog every day (or even multiple times a day, I hear) you won't find much new. But all the postings are still up so you can browse through for your favorites anytime.

Thanks to everyone who has joined us on this adventure. We plan to do it again in the spring so check on us periodically for the occasional new postings and for news on a second litter.

Here are links to some highlight postings for those of you who may have missed the early ones and for those of you that want a trip down memory lane.

We're all ready!
Puppy #1 (Sophie)
Puppy #9 (surprise puppy #2)
A pile of puppies
Puppy geometry
First trip outside (
More puppy videos (featuring Tucker's serenade video)
Puppy serenade (my favorite picture of all of them)
Puppy photo shoot
First solid food
Full litter pic
Monkey doodle (That's Rumsey)
Queen of the hill (staring Sophia Rose)
Ring around the swimming pool
Last two families (Maeve and Abby)

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