Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No puppies this spring :(

It's official. We went through three ultrasounds with Rosie and it looks like the breeding with Freddie did not take. Rosie seems to be going through a false pregnancy, complete with morning sickness and looking ready to nurse puppies but the ultrasounds didn't show any puppies.

We received a number of updates and pictures from owners of Rosie's fall litter so I'll be posting those over the next couple of weeks. We'll have to wait 'til next time for another litter. :(

Here's a couple of our not pregnant Rosie:

Showing off a belly that should be bulging by now.

Rosie has never been one to make much noise. An occasional bark if someone comes to the door. A few weeks ago Adrienne taught her to "speak." Now, every time we want her to do a trick, she thinks she's supposed to "speak."

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