Monday, June 18, 2012

And Then There Were Five!

Only five puppies left!  Here are some individual pictures and a little bio about each one.

Curly boy!  He is sweet and mellow.  He loves to cuddle and give kisses!

This is fuzzy boy!  He is our most mellow puppy.  He is laid back and even keeled.  He has lots of patience with his brothers!

This is light boy!  He is energetic and very playful!  He has more of a retriever look than his brothers. 

Meet wavy boy!  He is fun, smart, and athletic.  He loves to run but will also hop in your lap and cuddle. 

This is red boy!  He is playful and loves wrestling with his brothers.  He loves his people and wants to be with us always!

Here is an example of how smart these guys are.  Indy has been in her new home one week and has come back for a visit to show off her new trick! 
The boys out for a romp with their sister! 

Please contact Kathy Todd for more information. or call at 859 200 9434

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