Sunday, July 8, 2012

There are only two Miniature Golden Doodle puppies left from Molly's litter!  The boys are mellow sweethearts and are getting lots of time in the pool during these hot summer days.  At almost ten weeks old, they are they are starting to learn basic commands including "sit," "lie down" (which they can do pretty consistently) and "come" (which is still a work in progress...).  Both of these guys seem to be more "golden" than "doodle," since they are so laid-back and loyal, and have slightly straighter fur.  They are incredibly well socialized and are used to so many situations.  Crate training also is going very well with these puppies, so they should be well behaved by the time they go home with someone!

There are two pictures of them on this post, as well as others if you look back through the blog - the last two are Shadow (light boy) and Fuzzy.

Here's an update on Thor (used to be Blazer) who went home 3 weeks ago: 
Hi Kathy, 

Thor is doing great and he quickly became part of our family!  He is certainly used to his new home and is comfortable here.... We just enrolled in a puppy socialization class that focuses on not biting, potting training, and walking on a leash...    It is unbelievable how big he has gotten in the two and one-half weeks we have had him. 

 Thanks for everything you did to make this adoption happen and for raising such an awesome pup!


Here's a few pictures of Curly, who went home to his new home in Nashville this week!
Curly enjoying one of his last days at the pool
Pretty boy headin' out to the Music City!
And here's an update on Curly:   

Hi there!  Just wanted to let you know that Curly and I made it back to Nashville safe an sound! He was perfect in the car-- just laid down and slept the whole time. He is so precious- I wished I could just stare at him the whole time! :) We got to my grandmother's around 2 and it was love at first sight! She just absolutely adores him! He is the perfect dog for her. :) When she saw him she said, "He is exactly the dog I wanted, I love him already!" He is so well behaved for such a young puppy- we were all very impressed! Not long after he got there, we gave him some food and right after he was done eating, he barked to let us know he was ready to go out- so smart! My grandparents are so thrilled with his disposition, how relaxed he is and of course, how incredibly cute he is! I know he is going to be one spoiled pup. :) I will take some pictures of him tomorrow and send them to you but I just wanted to let you know that he seems to be very happy in his new home and we are just as happy with him!!

Thank you for everything! I will keep you updated. :)

If you're interested in one of the last two boys, email Kathy Todd at

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