Friday, September 30, 2016

Indy's 2015 puppies at 1 year

Here are some sweet pictures of Indy's litter from 2015!  They are all so grown up :).

Sammy is a handsome boy!
Sammy, from Indy's last litter, went to our neighbor's daughter, who lives is Louisville. We often get to see Sammy when he comes to visit, and he and Indy love to run around and play together. He is such a sweet boy who is loved and spoiled by his human momma. 

Indy and her puppy, Sammy, relaxing in the shade after playing

Sammy has his own instagram account, so you can see more of what he has been up to here!

Here are pictures of Halo!  She is such a sweet little girl and very well loved by her family. She has three human siblings and lots of room out in the country to run!

After a grooming!

Apparently, Halo gets to go to lots of baseball games with her family, and everyone loves her. What a sweet, lucky girl!

We'll post more photos and updates on the 2015 litter as we get them, so check back!

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