Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We received a great update on Murphy, former light blue collar boy. Here's a picture of his happy family from the day Murphy was picked up.

Here's the update: (I'm sure you other Rosiedoodle owners will be able to relate!)

"All has been going well with Murphy. He can be a crazy one at times but he's as cute as can be. How is he crazy? He picks through the trash, eats clothing, and will get on a table when your not looking (I'll send one of those photos:)) He knows when he's doing something wrong because he'll give you that look while he's planning his strategy of how he's going to dodge past you with a sock in his mouth.

"He's enjoyed the snow this season and he tries to catch the snowballs we throw in the air. Early on he learned so many tricks. I think by 12-13 weeks he was able to sit, shake, rollover, hi-five.... He definitely has the retriever in him. He loves for us to throw the ball and he'll bring it back to us waiting to do it again. He is 7 months old and 50 lbs. We comb him all the time and he's a big thing of fluff and stuff. He needs another haircut right now because it's getting hard for him to see.

"Murphy is VERY mouthy. Thank goodness those puppy teeth are gone. It's not like he chewed on the furniture but he loves a good arm. It's funny because every morning when I get him out of his crate he picks up the little blanket you sent home with him and prances around the house. I sit on the floor and he does a couple of paces then sits himself right on my lap. It's funny and very cute. Sometimes when I groom him, he does better if I have my hand in his mouth. He doesn't bite but it seems to offer him some comfort...plus I need to get him combed!

"Speaking of grooming, boy does this guy like his belly rubbed. Again, every morning during his ritual, he will get on his back and completely sprawl out waiting for you comb or scratch his belly. He straightens his legs out like a human and we all get a giggle out of it.

"Murphy has some neighborhood buddies that he likes to run with, Linus and Oliver. One is a yellow lab and the other is a golden retriever.

"Soccer season for our girls is getting ready to start up so I'll know he'll be going to games. He'll love it and everyone will love him."

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