Friday, April 16, 2010


Here's a recent update on Sam Chubbs, our Pink Collar Boy puppy. We don't have a recent picture but we wanted to pass on the info. Here's a pic from just before he went home with Mary Beth, Dave, Max, Jack and Grady.

"Sam is doing great! We just love him. He gets along great with our dog Grady. Lately, they are absolutely covered in mud on a daily basis but this too shall pass. Sam aka Samwich has a wonderful personality. We tell him all the time that he was the pick of the litter and truthfully it seems to have gone to his head a bit. He is a little more full of himself than Grady but I think that has a lot to do with him being a puppy.

"We had him neutered last week and that went well. I'm not sure how big he is but he looks to be about the size of Abby but more filled out. He was pretty easy to house train and never has any accidents in the house. He does jump up on people a lot which is really our fault. He's great with the boys too. ... people sometimes think we have two sheep in our yard."

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