Friday, October 31, 2014

Snuggly Puppies

Indy's puppies are five days old now, and we're loving having them in the whelping box in the living room in the middle of all of our chaos. Indy is an attentive mother who really only ventures our when she needs to go outside or when she thinks our 2 year old or 8 month old are dropping food on the floor. The kids LOVE the puppies, and are so excited to get to pet them... though Indy gets pretty nervous whenever her pups are out of the whelping box, so we don't keep them out for long.

The puppies are so cuddly, and pretty much just snuggle up with each other and their momma all day long. They get a bit lively during feeding times, but quickly fall back asleep when they've had their fill of milk. Their little squeaks from the whelping box are hilariously cute, especially when they get lost and try to nurse Indy's front or back while the others are nursing in the proper location. 

Here's shots of all four from tonight's cuddling session - they really are unbelievably cute!

#1, the red-ish male with a white blaze on his face, chest, and back

#1 yawning
#2, light colored male
#3, light male with a white blaze on his face
#4, red-ish female with a small white blaze on her head
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