Sunday, October 26, 2014

The puppies are here!

This is #1, who we believe is a boy
Indy's puppies are here! They were born on Saturday the 25th around 2 in the afternoon. She is such a great momma so far!

She had been breathing heavily and scratching/nesting in the whelping box behind our couch that we made for her for a day or so. On Saturday, her breathing got more labored and she kept looking at us with "What is happening to me?" eyes. In the afternoon, she whimpered a bit by the door to go outside, and acted like she had to poop (probably because she was getting an urge to push). Upon coming back in and reentering her whelping box, it wasn't 5 minutes before the first puppy had slid right out!

After that, instincts totally took over, and she was an amazing mother from the first moment! She got the first puppy cleaned off quickly, and it wasted no time squirming over to get some milk. A half hour later, numbers 2, 3, and 4 had been cleaned off and joined #1 for their first meal. They are quite adorable right out of the womb!

Since then, Indy has been an ever-attentive mother, spending most of her time in the whelping box cuddled up with her offspring. Occasionally, she'll venture out to see us (or to scavenge for the food that falls to the floor in the kitchen where our 2 year old son and 8 month older daughter eat), but as soon as she hears a whimper or squeak from her puppies she sprints back to check on them.

Lighter colored #2, who we think is a boy
The puppies pretty much just squirm around in a pile at this stage, and love to cuddle up against their momma. They scramble all over each other during feeding time, and then slowly nod off in milk-comas, sleeping in a big pile in the same positions they were in when they reached their fill.

It is difficult to tell this early, but we think Indy had 3 boys and a girl:

  • #1 is a reddish boy with a white blaze on his head and back
  • #2 is a light colored boy
  • #3 is the light tri-colored boy with a white blaze on his head
  • #4 is the a red girl with a small white blaze on her nose

Again, this is far as we can tell right now. We'll post more about the different genders and markings as it becomes more apparent over the next days and weeks. Thanks for checking out the blog! To read more about Indy, click here.
All cuddled in
Our son and his Grandpa checking out the new puppies
Everybody piled on

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