Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sweet Sleepin'

The puppies are doing great so far, and Indy is such a good momma. She goes running to check on them at every squeak and whimper! They do sleep most of the time, often all squashed into piles. In these top photos, the three lighter colored girls are cuddled up piled on top of their brother, red boy #2.
The girls cuddled on top of their bro
Our kids (2.5 y.o., 15 months, and 7 months) are all very interested in the puppies, and the older two peer over the back of the couch down into their whelping box quite often. Our oldest has been told that he can't hold them on his own yet until they are a little older, so he is very excited about them growing up quickly! The 15-month-old just points and babbles at them periodically all day long. We are all enjoying the puppies at the sweet sleepy stage, but are eagerly anticipating them being able to play with us! 
The red boys and cream girls
We've already had some interest in the puppies, and anticipate getting deposits to reserve two of them in the next few days, so let us know soon if you are interested. You can find out more about the cost and the process here

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