Saturday, June 20, 2015

Puppies at Two and a Half Weeks

The puppies are already two and a half weeks old and are getting big so quickly! Their eyes are open, and they're starting to totter clumsily around. Indy is an attentive mother, and anxiously stands by whenever we take one out for a cuddle - we just can't help ourselves sometimes! They are getting super cute, and we can't wait until they are able to run around and play in a few weeks. 

The two boys are already spoken for, and are going to wonderful homes in Louisville and Indianapolis. #5 is going to be the perfect companion for a young woman who he has fortunately already been able to bond with him a few times, and #2 is joining to a fantastic family with six kids - both are sure to get lots of love! 

Though we've had some interest, the three girls are still available as of now. Let us know if you or someone you know want to take one of these sweeties home! They'll be ready to go at 7-8 weeks old, so sometime after July 20th. 

#4 Light reddish girl with the wide white blaze
Sweet #4 again

#1 Tan girl with the long white blaze

#3 Tan girl with the small white blaze

#3 wiggling around

The boys - #2 red boy on the left and #5 red boy with the white heart on the right

#2 Red boy

The boys again

The whole crew crashed out after eating

Click here to see pictures of this litter at one day old.

Here's an update on Indy's first litter at 6-7 months old.

Here's info on the cost and the process of getting one of these puppies.

Also, you can check out the FAQ and other links on the top left of the blog.


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