Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Puppies new families

Here is a posting of puppies and their families from this past weekend.

Our little red collar girl got a visit from Amy, Rebecca, Amanda and Ron. Daughter Brittany was not able to make this trip. They'll be back before long to take their little doodle home.

Rumsey QT McClumpy (fancy collar boy - the "monkey") is now residing with his family, John, Aidan and Stacey. Reports are that he has adjusted very quickly and is already learning how to sit. I should try to figure out how they managed that and try it on the rest of them!

This is Sam. Formerly our mauve toenailed boy. He is now at his new home with Mary Beth, Dave, Max, Jack and Grady (their three year old doodle). Sam loves getting into Grady's stuff and is definitely enjoying all the play time with Max and Jack.

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