Sunday, November 2, 2014

Puppies and Kiddos

Pups in a row
Our 2 year old was so excited to hold one!
We've had quite a bit of interest in the puppies already, and have been told that there are two deposits about to by mailed, which means we have two sold! If you're interested in one of the other two, please let us know soon at For info on the process how to get one of these sweeties, check out that section of the FAQs at the left.

As previously stated, Indy's puppies are growing up in our living room, right along with our three children under 2.5 years old. They will be very highly socialized since they've been around people from the moment they were born, and they've already had to get used to lots of noise!

Here is the post with pictures from the puppies' birth day, Saturday October 25th.

And here is the post with close-ups of all the pups from our cuddling sessions this week.

Have a great Sunday everyone!
Our kids have learned that the best view of the whelping box is from up on the couch - they watch them all the time!

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