Tuesday, July 7, 2015

5 Weeks Old!

Hard to believe the puppies are 5 weeks old tomorrow! They are getting very cute and playful. We love getting them out a few at a time so they can explore the living room and cuddle with us. Our 3 kids can't get enough; they love to check in on the goings on in the whelping box and the puppies are definitely interested the crazy happenings outside their box. Mutual curiosity and love abound, and both kids and puppies are enjoying growing up together this summer! 
This girl is a sweetheart
Baby B loves the puppies:

He's so curious

Stare down at the whelping box

Babygirl loves petting them

Robin Hood checking in on the sweeties

Baby boy back for one more look
Click here to see pictures of this litter at one day old, and here to see the last update with individual photos of each puppy from a couple of weeks ago. 

Here's an update on Indy's first litter at 6-7 months old.

Here's info on the cost and the process of getting one of these puppies.

Also, you can check out the FAQ and other links on the top left of the blog.


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