Thursday, September 17, 2009

Playing with Rosie

Rosie is reaquainting herself with the puppies after some separation for weaning purposes. The puppies are trying to figure out this new role. They keep forgetting and diving in for a snack. Rosie will have nothing to do with that and quickly shifts into play position. I've got a shot of each puppy with Rosie. Even though you can't see the pup very well in some of them, the pics give the general feeling of a fun afternoon.

Be sure to click on the pics to get a better view.

Red Collar Girl

Pink Collar Girl

Red Collar Boy
(Laurie, Gregg, Kelsey, Jenna and Drew)

Pink Collar Boy
(Mary Beth, Dave, Max and Jack)

Light Blue Collar Girl (Black toenail)
(Now living with Kim, Kelly and Corinne!)

Fancy Collar Girl (Orange toenail)
(Jared and Challi)

Light Blue Collar Boy (Black toenail)
(Kelly, David, Mackenzie, Carly and Camryn)

Fancy Collar Boy (Orange toenail)
(Stacey, John and Aidan)

Dark Blue Collar Girl

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