Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Identification note

Some of you have wondered how we are identifying puppies.

We began by painting a couple of toenails on the back feet. We had red, orange, pink and black for boys and for girls. The fifth girl had no painted toenails at all. (She was very jealous until we told her that this made her special.)

Last weekend, we decided they were big enough to wear collars so we purchased nine little cat collars that have the safety buckles that pop off if there is a tug on the collar. (This protects them from getting caught and choking - of course it also pops off if another puppy pulls too hard on it, but that has only happened a few times.) Because of the pop off collars, we are still painting toenails.

The red toenailed little boy and girl have red collars.
The pink toenailed little boy and girl have pink collars. (we're saying mauve, for the boy's sake)
The black toenailed little boy and girl have light blue collars.
The orange toenailed little boy and girl have "fancy" (multicolored) collars.
The no toenail polish little girl is still special with a dark blue collar.

Now those of you that chose puppies during the toenail stage will know who we are referring to when we mention collar colors.

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