Thursday, September 3, 2009

Four puppies now have families! Five more need homes.

Some of the doodle puppies have been chosen by families. The new owners will come back in a few weeks to pick up their little bundle of cuteness. We still have five puppies available and can't wait to have more visitors. John had a terrific and busy weekend hosting the families that visited. It was a lot of fun to see the families and puppies choose each other.

Our little video star has a family. He won the hearts of Kelsey, Jenna and Drew (and their parents Laurie and Gregg). Drew's schoolteacher is already anticipating a puppy visit to the classroom.

Aidan and his mom and dad (Stacey and John) visited on Sunday and chose one of the little brown boys. This little guy was quite pleased to be in Aidan's arms.

Our little cream colored boy was chosen by Max and Jack (parents Mary Beth and Dave). The little guy will become a companion for their other doodle, Grady.

This little boy will be joining a home with lots of girls. He quickly chose Mackenzie, Carly and Camryn - of course they chose him as well.

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