Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Puppies are 8 weeks!

The puppies are 8 weeks old now! One has already gone to her new family (Halo, second from the left in the picture below), and the two boys (Beau and Sammy, middle and far right in the picture below) will join their new families this weekend. The two girls (on the far left of the picture below) are still available - there has been quite a bit of interest this week, but no deposits on them, so let us know if you'd like one.

They are all super sweet and love to play. They get lots of time every day playing in our backyard and living room with each other and with our kids. We take them out to the grass regularly, and they are rapidly getting better at potty training. Their coats are getting curlier, but at different rates.

The girl are the far left is the diva!  She is such a princess.  She loves to look at herself in the mirror and will sit pretty and watch while the other puppies run amuck.  She is very sweet and loves to sit in laps.

The other girl who is available is the second from the right.  She has a very calm, gentle and confident personality.  She is already so gentle with our baby (as you can see in the video below). She gives very good kisses.  She already seems like she will be the epitome of doodle personality: while fun and playful also loving, calm and knows when to be gentle.

The Fab 5

Beau, Halo, and little girl puppy who needs a home
Halo going home with her family! (And our son B trying to join her, apparently...)
Here's a video of the puppies playing with our 9 month old son, B:

If you're interested in one of the remaining two sweet girls, let us know soon! Here's info on the cost and the process of getting one of these puppies.

Click here to see pictures of this litter at one day old, and here to see the last update with individual photos of each puppy from a couple of weeks ago. We'll try to get updated individual shots of them sometime soon. 

Here's an update on Indy's first litter at 6-7 months old so you can get an idea of their temperament and what they might look like a few months down the road. 

Also, you can check out the FAQ and other links on the top left of the blog.

Colleen & Cason + CAB&Indy
Thanks from all 6 of us!

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