Wednesday, July 15, 2015

6 Weeks!

The puppies are 6 weeks old today and are getting so playful. They love to go outside and run around with our kids, and have been doing good job with going potty outside as long as we get them out quickly after they nap. They are starting to eat watered-down real dog food a few times a day, but are still nursing Indy often. She's such a good momma, and enjoys playing with them now that they are more active. Their coats are starting to get more curly, though at different rates, and their personalities are becoming more defined. Some are a bit more adventurous than others (as you can see in the video below), but they are all sweet and LOVE people. We get them out in our kitchen almost every night so they run off some energy before bed, and they gallop back and forth between their momma and piling into our laps for licks and cuddles.

Here's a video of them playing outside and chasing our son on his balance bike:

Piled up after some energetic playing

Such a sweet face on this girl
Sleepy girl

Sammy wore himself out chasing the bike!
Blurry, but so cute. She loves them so much!
C and his friends love the puppies!

We have some families interested, but only the 2 boys are claimed as of now, so if you're interested in one of the sweet girls, let us know soon! Here's info on the cost and the process of getting one of these puppies.

Click here to see pictures of this litter at one day old, and here to see the last update with individual photos of each puppy from a couple of weeks ago. We'll try to get updated individual shots of them sometime soon. 

Here's an update on Indy's first litter at 6-7 months old so you can get an idea of their temperament and what they might look like a few months down the road. 

Also, you can check out the FAQ and other links on the top left of the blog.

Colleen & Cason

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