Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And then there were six!

This past weekend three of the puppies- Haley (red girl), Madie (pink girl) and Ellie Rose(black girl), went to their homes. Rory (Mango girl) went to her new home tonight! We've heard from all of the families and the puppies are adjusting beautifully to their families.

We got some final photos of all ten puppies together.

We tried to get a nice little row but not all of the puppies wanted to cooperate

Finally we gave in and just held them all.
The puppies were sad to see their sisters go.
Cason saying bye to black girl
Colleen getting a final kiss from red girl

Here are some final shots of all ten puppies sleeping in their pen in the garage... they love to play hard and then crash!

So we are down to six puppies at the Ramsay household, with more puppies to go to homes in the next week. We'll only have three puppies by this time next week! Here's a video of the remaining seven puppies playing with Rosie in the yard... they all love to chase her around!

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