Monday, March 14, 2011

All the puppies are sold!

After a wild weekend of inquiries, all of our puppies are sold! We're also down to three puppies left at the Ramsay house and it seems a little lonely in the puppy pen! Honey (aqua girl) goes home to Nashville tomorrow, purple girl goes home Wednesday, and yellow girl will meet her new family in Chicago this weekend. It is amazing how fast the remaining puppies went, but we are so happy that they are going to good homes. If you got one of Rosie's ten puppies, please send us updates and pictures!

Black boy went home this weekend with a wonderful family... they drove all the way from the Chicago area just to get their special boy! He was one of our favorites, so we are glad that he is going to have such an exciting life with three "siblings" under 7 years old. We already have reports that he was an angel on the ride home and helped jump start the kids this morning! The first two pictures below are black boy with his new family.

Zack, Mallory, and Molly with their new puppy!
Cute kids + cute puppy

Here's yellow girl, who is going to Illinois this weekend. She usually doesn't hold still for very long, so we're glad we got this cute shot!
Honey (aqua girl) who goes home to Natalie and Dewey tomorrow! Isn't she precious?

All of the puppies got or are getting some last playtime in with Momma Rosie
Cuddling up
Honey, black boy, purple girl, and yellow girl crashed out on the kitchen floor

Thanks so much to all of you who followed this blog, whether you ended up with a puppy or not. We've had so much fun helping to raise them and meeting so many great people along the way! We'll continue to post updates on different puppies as we get them from families, so be sure to check back from time to time.

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