Thursday, March 3, 2011

Videos of puppies that will be going to their families soon!

The six puppies featured in these videos all have families waiting for them and will begin going home with them starting this weekend!

Rory, purple girl, aqua girl, and black girl, all in Colleen's lap. Black girl is happily chewing on Colleen's hoodie strings!

Black girl playing with the blue ball... she goes off screen, but come back at the end. Aqua girl is the one who runs up to Colleen first, and she is still available and in need of a family!

One last video of black girl being cute... she's going home to the Chicagoland area on Sunday!

Pink girl proudly running around with the blue ball, with Ezikeil (aqua boy) joining her at the end

Pink girl running all over the place... we're so glad she has a family to go home with in a few weeks!

Red girl and red boy (Obadiah) playfully fighting for the coveted jingly bell toy. Red girl won in a big upset... usually it is Obadiah who throws his weight around to get the toys he wants!

Red girl giving kisses... or pushing on Colleen's face. Maybe a little of both.

Rory (mango girl) attacks the jingly bell toy

Check out the post below to see videos featuring the four puppies that are still available... thanks so much for visiting the blog!

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