Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pink girl's family & potty time videos

Pink girl has a family! Here's a picture of them all together. She'll be going home with them in a few weeks... she's going to have such a great life, including getting to have a Maltese sister named Snowball.

6AM! Duty calls! Sorry this video is dark, but we tried to get one of all of the puppies running outside to do their business first thing in the morning. The all come running out of the garage and immediately squat all over the yard. It's good that they've got the system down!

Here's another potty time video from the afternoon... same thundering herd, but this time most of them went careening into Colleen (the camerawoman) instead of doing their business right away.

Thanks for checking the blog! We'll post more videos later.

Remember yellow girl, black boy, purple girl, and aqua girl are all still available. They are all so sweet!

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