Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Videos of playtime

We got all of the puppies out in the kitchen for a while today and it was so much fun. They were all fighting, playing, and generally running all over the place. They love to play with each other, and especially to battle it out over their favorite toys.

Unfortunately, because it was so chaotic, it was hard to identify the puppies as we took videos. Black boy, aqua girl, yellow girl, and purple girl are the puppies that are still available... you can look back at older posts to see pictures and information about them.

Fighting over the rope toy... the winner tries to make a dash for it, but another puppy gives chase. That is pretty much what happened over and over the whole time they were inside.

Battle royale over the jingly bell ring... that toy is definitely the favorite and most sought after

Rory batting around a mini tennis ball to herself

I caught yellow girl chewing on the pink ball for a second, but she quickly decided that checking out the camera was more exciting

General chaos

Hope you enjoyed the videos! Check back soon for more pictures and videos.

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