Saturday, March 12, 2011

Playing in the snow / Going home to families

It has been a big week in puppyland with most puppies going to their homes. After next Tuesday, when Honey (aqua girl) goes to her family in Nashville, we'll only have three puppies remaining! The puppies that still need homes are black boy, yellow girl, and purple girl. A few families have expressed interest, but none of them are claimed yet, so please let us know if you want to give one of these cuties a home!

While we aren't too excited about continued snowfall in Ohio, the puppies love it, and it definitely keeps them cleaner than running in the mud. Below are lots of pictures of the puppies playing in the big snow we got on Friday, as well as a few of the ones who went to their new families this week.

Again, the unclaimed puppies are purple girl, black boy, and yellow girl...

Black boy playing in the snow with Rosie

Rosie playing with purple girl
Honey (aqua girl) on white

Rosie loves how energetic and playful the puppies are getting.

Black boy (on the left) and yellow girl running in the snow

Black boy

Black boy again

Yellow girl charging towards the camera... she loves to run and has lots of spunk. Of all the puppies she is definitely the most athletic and intelligent!

All four remaining puppies charging after Rosie

Honey (aqua girl)

Yellow girl playing with MommaRosie

All four puppies (purple girl, black boy, aqua girl, and yellow girl) crashed out in Colleen's lap after playing in the snow... black boy is looking at the camera

Honey (aqua girl) loves to cuddle... she'll get lots of opportunities for that when she goes home on Tuesday!

Here's a few of puppies that went to their homes this week:

Ezekiel (aqua boy) waiting to be picked up

One last picture of Obadiah (red boy) and Ezekiel (aqua boy) before they go home

Rory (mango girl) wouldn't look at the camera for her goodbye picture, but Steve and Cathy report that she has been wonderful, playful and has adjusted quickly!

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