Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lots of pictures of puppies in the snow

Here are sisters Kristen and Sara (and Sara's daughter Elizabeth) with aqua boy (Ezekiel) and red boy (Obadiah). They paid a visit to their little guys this weekend and will be back to pick them up in less than two weeks.

The video on the left is a few of the puppies trying to make their way over to us in the deeper snow. The one on the right is of the general chaos outside, including Rosie playing with all of her puppies in the snow... it was so funny watching them slip-sliding all over the place!

The puppies are almost completely weened, but they still try to nurse Rosie most times they get around her... even if it is in the snow!

Still fighting for the best positions

Bird's eye view of the action

Their little tails sticking up in the air is so cute!

"Mom!... pay attention to me!"

Yellow girl bounding in the snow!

Excuse me (black girl)... you've got a little something on your nose...

Running to mom

Red boy with dumbo ears!


Momma Rosie was so playful - the puppies couldn't keep up with her, but they tried!

Little bottoms chasing after Rosie

Pink girl on white

Struggling in the deeper snow - it was actually great since it wore them out!

All ten puppies playing with Rosie

Another cute one of pink girl

They loved to run where it wasn't quite so deep

A belly rub is good anytime - even in the snow! (red girl)

Eileen and aqua girl (who is still in need of a home)

On the move!...

Thanks for checking the blog! There are still four puppies that are available - we'll post more pictures tomorrow.

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