Saturday, February 19, 2011

The available female puppies

Here's some pictures and information about the three female puppies that are still available...

Aqua girl with Colleen... she still needs a home, so if you're interested, please email us! She is so playful and loves to be with people.
Here's cuddly pink girl... she is so sweet! She has a mellow temperament and her favorite thing to do is nap in someone's lap. She's another one that is still in need of a home. : )

The last girl still in need of a home is yellow girl, who is playful and quite independent. Looks like she's trying to nibble Colleen's ear in this picture!

Thanks for visiting the blog. If you'd like to inquire about taking home one of these little sweeties, let us know!

Note: The colors that we identify are from the nail polish that we applied to their back feet when they were just a few days old. So "yellow girl" is the female puppy with the yellow toenail polish.

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