Monday, February 21, 2011

Photos of all of the puppies

This post shows pictures of all ten puppies taken earlier today after we gave them baths... that's why some of them look a little wet in their photos.

These puppies listed first are the ones that are still in need of loving homes!:

Yellow girl

Pink girl
Black boy

Aqua girl (who looks sad only because we wouldn't let her go play!)

Purple girl
Purple girl yawning... guess she was tired after a bath and photoshoot!

The puppies below all have families and will be going home to them over the next few weeks!

Ezekiel (aqua boy)

Obadiah (red boy)

Black girl will be going to the Chicago area to join Matthew and Ryan

Rory (mango girl) will be staying right in Wooster

Red Girl, who is going home to Nicole in the Chicago area in under two weeks!
Here's another one of Red Girl

Please contact us with interest!

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