Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy Weekend / Photos Galore

It has been quite a busy weekend here in puppyland, with lots of people coming to visit Rosie and her brood. We’ve gotten the puppies out into the kitchen, and it is hilarious to watch them explore and run around. Their little barks are so cute and they playfully attack each other and our hands.

So far, there are four puppies that have been claimed – mango girl, red girl, purple girl, and black girl.

A few families are also interested and will hopefully be deciding in the next few days, however, even if those families do decide to take puppies, there are still some available. Make sure to register your interest by emailing or calling 330 264 5886.

Here's a bunch of pictures from the last two days....

All of the puppies with Colleen on the kitchen floor... they played for a while and then piled on her to keep warm. It was so fun seeing them exploring and playing!

Puppy kisses

Red boy and aqua boy

Peas in a pod

Black boy taking a nap

Crashed out on someone's lap after an afternoon of playing

Feeding time! The last few days we've been supplementing Rosie's nourishment with formula, since ten puppies is a bit overwhelming. This week is when we'll start switching them to dry food.

Thanks for checking out the blog! If you want to see pictures of the last litter of puppies, including some when they were older, click this link to see the whole list. Here are pictures of Sophie, a puppy from the first litter, at around eight weeks, three months, four months, eight months, and at sixteen months.

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