Sunday, February 27, 2011

Recent pictures and videos

Here are some pictures and videos we've taken of the puppies over the last week. As you can probably see more and more of the puppies are getting their curls!

The first video is of Aqua girl relaxing on our friend Grafton's lap - she just loves her belly rubs! And the second video is showing aqua girl still sleeping while the rest of the puppies slow down after an hour of playing hard in the kitchen.

Little Red girl giving Cason a kiss for drying her off after her bath.
Aqua girl was not too happy about being all wet!
Pink girl looked so goofy as she was drying off.
Yellow girl and Black girl taking a nap before their baths.
Rosie cuddled with Rory (mango girl) while she was drying.
You can really see how curly they are getting in this picture (black boy).
Eileen blow drying Rory (mango girl)
Cute Ezekiel (Aqua boy)!
Purple girl drying off.

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