Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Male puppy profiles

Since the puppies were about a week old, we've been able to distinguish them by painting their back toenails. So when we refer to "black boy" or "red girl" we mean the puppy whose toenails have been painted that color. Some of them we can tell apart by their size, color, and markings (the boys are easy), but others still look pretty identical.

This post shows all three boys, and the subsequent one will profile all of the girls. Two puppies are already spoken for, so if you have our heart set on one, be sure to email about it soon!

This is our little black boy. He was the second born of the litter and is much lighter than the rest. He is quite the talker already!

Here is our big red boy. He was third born and is by far the biggest! He mostly eats, sleeps, and cuddles all day long.

Say "hi" to aqua boy! We think his name sounds like a super hero! He is a sweet little guy and was the last of the puppies to be born. He's started out on the small side but he's already caught up with the rest!

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