Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yellow Girl / Puppy Weight Chart

We had little yellow girl out by herself today, so we got some good photos of her. She's one of the puppies who are so far unclaimed, so if the picture below pulls at your heartstrings, let us know! She's one of the cuddlier ones, and is typically the first one heading for a lap to curl up on. We can identify her easily because she has a little white patch on her chest, and both back feet have a touch of white as well.

We've been charting the puppies weights since they were four days old, and their weight chart is pretty funny to us. For the most part, they are all grouped together and gaining at about the same pace. All of them are well within healthy ranges, however, there is one little guy who is the definition of an outlier... from day 1, red boy (now Obadiah) was the biggest and has worked hard to remained so. He's quite adept at weaseling his way into the best feeding spots, sometimes even flipping the others out of place. Click the weight chart below to see the puppy weights in ounces for their first four-ish weeks of life.

Here's the big boy himself... he really is one of the sweetest of all of them and loves to snuggle. He'll be going home in a few weeks to live with Jason, Sara, and family!

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