Friday, February 18, 2011

More videos and pictures

Here are a few videos of puppies... On the left is black girl playfully attacking the camera, and on the right is red girl (we think) playing with a toy.

Here's a few more... the video on the left is random yipping/playing/piling on laps in the kitchen... you can see that they really love to cuddle once they get tired! And in the video on the right, Cason knocks on the floor which caused the puppies to bark ferociously... and then become disinterested three seconds later. Their attention spans are pretty short and sporadic!

Love this picture of aqua boy (soon to be Ezekiel) chewing on Colleen's foot

And finally, here's a few pictures of black girl for Bob and his sons... she'll be going home to them in just a few weeks!

Thanks for visiting the blog. We'll put up a post later of all of the female puppies that are still available, so check back for that!

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