Thursday, February 24, 2011

First Visit to the Vet!

Today we took all of the puppies to get their first round of shots, wormer, and a health check. We love our vets at THE ARK! All of the staff there were wonderful with the puppies - they could not believe how cuddly and well behaved they were!

The puppies ate their wormer and got their shots without a peep or struggle. We were very proud of our bunch! We are pleased to say that everyone is in perfect health! The puppies were eager to get back home, but seemed to enjoy their day of adventures.

Here are Obadiah (Red boy) and Ezekial (Aqua boy) after their check ups
The puppies could care less about being at the vet. They slept soundly right up until each of their turns.
Our wonderful Vet with Rory (Mango girl)
Rory just didn't know what to think of all this!

Black girl taking her medicine like a champ!
Pink girl was very well behaved except for trying to lick all of the vet's instruments!
Red girl struggled to keep her feet under her. We thought it was so cute we couldn't resist taking a video.

After the vet visit we rewarded them by letting them romp outside with Rosie. They love it when we let them play in the snow!

Here is a cute video of Rosie playing with the puppies. She gets so excited when we let them play in the snow with her.

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  1. The video of Rosie romping with her pups is my new favorite! :)