Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Videos of Red Girl and others

On the left is a video of red girl having a conversation with Eileen. This cutey will be going to live in Chicago with Nicole, and will still be called Red Girl. Black boy (the light colored one) come in for the last half of the video and he is still looking for a home. We're not sure who is there in the background - some of the little girls are so hard to tell apart.

The video on the right is just a bunch of the puppies playing... they love paper towels, shoes, and anything else they can check out. We're trying not to let them chew on shoes, but so far they mainly just love to put their heads inside and smell them!

So far six puppies have been claimed, but there are four still available - pink girl, yellow girl, aqua girl, and black boy.

Note: The puppy names come from the color of polish that we painted on their toenails in order to distinguish them. Click this links pictures of all of the puppies or click on the links at the left. We'll try to update with more photos soon!

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  1. Those pups look like so much fun right now!!! I love these videos! It looks a little crazier than last time because they're all couped up inside, instead of being out in the huge enclosure. If I could fly right now, I'd be up there in a heartbeat...