Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meet the girls!

Since the puppies were about a week old, we've been able to distinguish them by painting their back toenails. So when we refer to "black boy" or "red girl" we mean the puppy whose toenails have been painted that color. Some of them we can tell apart by their size, color, and markings (the boys are easy), but others still look pretty identical.

Here we have black girl. She is playful and sweet. She still enjoys sleeping most of the day away!

This is Mango girl. She is a wonderful mix of cuddly and playful. She already loves attention and wants to be around people.

Meet Aqua girl. She is very playful and is often responsible for riling all of the other puppies up and keeping them from sleeping.

Here is pink girl. She's a little darling who has such a goofy bark!

Here is yellow girl. She is one of our biggest puppies and loves to sleep and cuddle.

Here is our little red girl. She is so playful that we couldn't get her sit still long enough for a good shot! This picture really shows her personality.

Here is the beautiful purple girl. She is such a sweet heart and is definitely a cuddly little one!

See the previous post for profiles of all of the male puppies.

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